About Joyful Mind
Our Goal and Belief
aims to provide the most complete English learning environment, so students will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the language and fluent communication abilities.
Our English program focuses on speaking with a native British accent, as well as developing the sentence structure and vocabulary proficiency of students; enabling them to write in an elaborative and creative manner. We also provide French and Mandarin courses, in the attempt of maximizing the students’ language learning potentials. Remember: Languages are best learnt at a young age.

In the attempt of maximizing the students’ language learning potentials, these courses are also provided. Remember: Languages are best learnt at a young age.

Our Values
 is a registered educational school. All of its employed teachers are native in the languages they instruct, while also owning either a University degree or a professional recognized qualification in tutoring their particular language, as well as vast years of teaching experience. We teach in small groups; approximately 2-5 students per class, permitting a high level of interaction, opportunity to contribute, and consequently over striding the barriers of learning. Furthermore, the teachers can accurately grasp hold of the students’ progress and provide the necessary assistance.

In order to maximize the child’s learning abilities, we would first of all do a pre-assessment (free),  in areas such as listening, oral, reading and writing, before assigning the child into the most appropriate and personalized program. Our program consultant will provide free advice to parents and act according to their requirements, such as pace or content. And our ultimate aim is to offer the most tailor-made learning environment for your child.

Address :
Shop 111, Podiumn Floor, 69-119 Broadway Stage 4, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon
Phone : (+852) 2370 0480