Play Group
A good beginning is half the battle. Allow Joyful Mind to lead your child's first step towards learning! Playgroup is designed for toddlers between 12-36 months old; they will be taken care of by our experienced and passionate tutors. The programme combines movement of the body and song singing activities, in order to improve the child's observation and imitation skills. They will be absorbing useful knowledge under a fun and relaxed environment. The following activities will set them on a strong foundation for the future: English phonics, basic mathematics, daily routine activities, children songs, simplified concentration and memory training etc.
Class Size: 5 to 6 children
Price: $740 per month (1 hour per class, 1 class per week)
Price: $1380 per month (1 hour per class, 2 classes per week)
Price: $1920 per month (1 hour per class, 3 classes per week)