Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is a programme we offer to 2-10 years old children. It is a lively and amusing teaching method originating from the Great Britain (United Kingdom). It encourages learning through multi senses, such as visual, auditory and touch. As well as enhancing the children's understanding of alphabet letters and sounds, it also builds their motivation towards reading. The phonic classes will aid the children in developing a solid foundation, enabling them accurate pronunciation of English words while reading. They will also benefit from absorbing an increased amount of vocabularies. Our teachers will emphasize on the student's pronunciation of words and phrases, in the aim of having them communicate like a native speaker.

Jolly Phonics has 4 levels

Level 1 – Introduction of all single sounds
Level 2 – Applying the blending technique to read simple to longer words independently.
Level 3 – Introduction of digraph sounds
Level 4 – Introduction of diphthong and exceptional sounds
Class Size: no more than 5 Students
Length of the Course: about 30 hours per each level (on average).
Price: $830 per month (1 hour per class, 1 class per week)
Price: $1560 per month (1 hour per class, 2 classes per week)
Price: $2190 per month (1 hour per class, 3 classes per week)