Grammar and Creative Writing
Assist students in understanding the use of grammar, sentence structuring, essay planning and various writing techniques. This programme is not solely focused on grammar; it will also use appealing topics to stimulate the student's creativity, allowing them to express themselves in different perspectives and methods. Creative writing uses ones imagination and critical thinking skills to develop their writing skills. The students will then be able to write in different styles, using a wide range of vocabularies and with a creative mind. Let's take action and become an award winning writer!

Grammar has 5 levels

Grammar is the next stage after learning phonics. Teaching the grammar rules will definitely help and improve children’s writing and spelling skills. Grammar will be taught intensively through exercises and with a wide range of different language forms.

Level 1 - Introduction of grammar : Part of speech, quantifies, simple present tense.
Level 2 - Build up grammar from level one: Present continuous tense, Simple Past,       Preposition and Punctuation.
Level 3 - Enhance the grammar strength and extend the use of tenses.   
Level 4 - Advance level :  Present Perfect and Past, passive, relative clauses.
Level 5 - Premium level : Further practice and develop advance level grammar with practical situations.

Creative Writing has 3 levels

Enhance student’s creative writing skills, by learning study pictures, information in detail and also new writing skills will be taught. Let your child’s imagination fly and broaden their vocabulary.

Elementary - Introduce creative writing skills: learn how to make sentences from pictures.
Intermediate - Using Mind Map to develop writing skills and the students confidence in English language.
Advanced - Improve and prepare writing skills for examinations and be able to work independently.
Class Size: no more than 5 Students
Length of the Course: about 20 hours per each level (on average).
Price: $830 per month (1 hour per class, 1 class per week)
Price: $1560 per month (1 hour per class, 2 classes per week)
Price: $2190 per month (1 hour per class, 3 classes per week)