French might seem like a difficult language to learn, but Joyful Mind has already designed a practical and fun programme for kids between 6-12 years old. The kids will be learning daily used French in a high spirit environment. Our experienced native French speaking teachers will be leading this programme, while using interactive learning techniques, such as games, singing French songs, role playing etc, in order to improve the listening, reading and writing skills of the children. The students on this programme are also eligible to apply for the DELF Prim examination, which is an internationally recognized qualification.

French has 3 levels

Level 1 – Understand the simple wordings in French, grammar will be minimized.
Level 2 – Will be able to read and write French and study more daily life scenarios. Students can apply to take the DELF PRIM examination.
Level 3 – They will be trained intensively and focus on the DELF JUNIOR examination.

Length of the Course: Depends on the student
Price: $1130 per month (1 hour per class, 1 class per week)
Price: $2160 per month (1 hour per class, 2 classes per week)
Price: $3090 per month (1 hour per class, 3 classes per week)