Talent Thinking
Our professional teachers have prepared a critical thinking programme for your children. The programme teaches the children through appealing exercises and activities, in turn arousing their interest, acumen and hidden potentials.
According to the Calvin Taylor's model, a talented child possesses skills in creativity, communication, decision making, planning and forecasting. This model is known as Talents Unlimited, a programme of the National Diffusion Network of the U.S. Department of Education. The Calvin Taylor's model is also adopted by the Oxbridge Universities as their pre-entry assessment examinations.

In order to gain more intelligence quotient (IQ); we believe students must adopt critical thinking skills. The critical thinking theory can be defined as training the child at various aspects, including concentration, memory, structuring, analytic, ability to work under pressure and emotional intelligence (EQ). An early development of the mind can lead to a gifted child being born.

Talent Thinking has 6 levels.

This programme is designed individually and personally, it allows students to explore and develop their fullest potential in order to elevate their excellence abilities level and creative problem solving. Helping children to adapt to think in different styles and environments as well as working in group and individually. Talent thinking covers a wide range of areas from English, Maths, Science to basic knowledge and the ability to apply it both in their studies and in everyday life.
Level 1 – Introduction of thinking skills
Level 2 – Build up their thinking process
Level 3 – Enhance their thinking ideas
Level 4 – Solve more complex problems
Level 5 – Strengthen their logical thinking skills
Level 6 – More practice on real life situations
Class Size: no more than 5 Students
Length of the Course: 20 hours per each level
Price: $1130 per month (1 hour per class, 1 class per week)
Price: $2160 per month (1 hour per class, 2 classes per week)
Price: $3090 per month (1 hour per class, 3 classes per week)