Benefit from four language skills!

Our Cambridge course helps students strengthentheir speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. It also introduces general English grammar and vocabulary. Our teaching materials consist of the official Cambridge textbooks and our own tailor-made worksheets to ensure your child obtains excellent results in the Cambridge Young Learners of English (YLE) Examinations.

Age Groups

3 years old – 11 years old


Monday – Saturday

Class / Size

4-5 kids/ class


Recognize and spell the basic vocabularies required to build a strong foundation for the next level.


Gain fundamental grammar concepts and sentence structure during this course. By applying phonics, learn to read and spell the necessary words required for the Starters exam.


In this course, students will learn the different English tenses and other more advanced grammar required for the Movers exam.


Learn the necessary grammar and how to write short stories during this course.