Grammar & Writing


Getting your child to gain the fundamentals of the English language is the key for their future progress.

Starting from the simple nouns, verbs and adjectives to grammar concepts such as phrasal verbs and reported speech, your child will gain such knowledge through games and worksheets.

Learning grammar concepts alone isn’t enough. Reading and writing are also essential skills your child needs to develop. That’s why every lesson your child will also learn how to either read or write more effectively. They will learn how to avoid common mistakes made by students in exams and gain the extra marks that their classmates would miss out.

We continually evaluate our students’ progress by providing quizzes each month.

Is your child’s writing poorly organized or lacking ideas? Does his/her writing have a lot of grammatical mistakes that make it difficult for you to understand? Worry not! Here at Joyful Mind, your child will learn how to improve on all these skills and even more! Feedback from students and parents has made it obvious and clear that our writing course can help your child get better results.

Age Groups

6 years old – 16 years old


Monday – Saturday

Class / Size

4-5 kids/ class